3AM 2019 - 2020

Mrs Meadows

3AM Spring Term

3AM have engaged in some new and exciting lessons this term. They are enjoying going to the Brio Centre for swimming lessons and are making great progress each week.

In PE they are learning new skills in trampolining including “seat drops” and swivel hips” which is quite a challenge but they are coping very well.

Another new lesson this term has been Design Technology. Everyone designed and then made their own “Blockhead” character. This involved sawing and drilling wood and learning about safety rules. They also made “Easter Bunny” planters/pen pots by sanding down a tin and then painting it. All students were very proud of their achievements and couldn’t wait to take them home.




In Science they have been studying a new topic about “The changing states of matter.” This included carrying out experiments to observe the changes from solids to liquids which was a lot of fun.


As part of Geography the students have learnt about The Rainforest and they all made their own “Save the Rainforest posters.”

In RE they have been learning about different religions including Islam and Christianity. As part of the topic about Islam the students made their own “Sadaqhs” which are jars to collect money for charity during Ramadan. As part of Christianity they have been learning about Easter and have discussed what they could give up for “Lent.”

In I.C.T. they have made their own posters about the important topic of “staying safe on line.”

All the students have been very busy and looking forward to more exciting challenges during the rest of the term.


Transition to Greenbank School

3AM have settled in well to life at Greenbank School. They have developed good friendships and relationships with staff already and are enjoying all areas of the curriculum together.


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