3AM 2020 - 2021

Mrs Meadows

Pupils in 3AM have started to bond really well this term and are developing good friendships with each other. They enjoy playing tag at break times together, dodgeball, Just Dance and board games.

3AM have coped well with the changes to the timetable this term. They now access music on Monday afternoons instead of learning outside the classroom. In Music they are learning about different styles of music and how to beat out a rhythm to music using glockenspiels.


On Tuesday afternoons instead of accessing Art and Design they are now enjoying Food Technology and Walk Through The Bible sessions delivered by the local church.



In PE pupils have now moved on to developing their skills in trampolining. They are learning to land safely in addition to star jumps, tuck jumps, seat drops and half twists.

It has been a pleasure to watch all the pupils in 3am support, encourage each other this term, and really become a part of the school community.


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