3M 2017 - 2018

Mr McManus

As part of 3M's PSHCE lessons on PLTS skills, the students did a whole group activity on considering British values as effective participators. The main focus of this being mutual respect and tolerance of others. Each member of the group designed a coat of arms using colours and images that represented these values.

Members of 3M had an opportunity to experience a range of activities for our Healthy mind in a healthy body awareness day. Some of the activities available were footspa's, mindfullness colouring, relaxation music. We all had a very lovely afternoon and students have asked "when can we do it again?!"

During the first half of the summer term some of 3M were Learning Outside of the classroom in various ways. This activity gives the students a great opportunity to develop skills in team building and problem solving. The picture shows a den building activity.


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