3R 2019 - 2020

Miss Rosenburgh

In this short half term the students have started design technology, where we are creating picture frames. The students have learnt new skills such as sanding, gluing and painting wood, as well as learning about the different tools that are used in DT. The students have started music lessons where they have used instruments and technology to create a piece of intergalactic music!



In PE the students have developed their catching, throwing and batting skills, cumulating in a game of Rounders. They have also taking part in Athletics; Relay, Javelin and Discus, in preparation for sports day next half term.

In Science 3R have learnt about animals and their habitats and how they have adapted to survive. Students will continue to compare and contrast environments as they move into their final half term of the academic year.


Busy term

This term has seen the students continuing to work really hard at Greenbank and developing into excellent students and lovely young people.

In maths the students have continued to learn. This term we have looked at subtraction and coordinates, which included a fun game of human battleships with Simon as the battleship.

In French the students have learnt about number and French food, which they got to try. In PE we have really enjoyed Trampolining and having our first taste of rounders. in science we have learnt about animals and how to decide what type of animals they are and how to distinguish their features.

In History the students have learnt about the history of travel and had fun inventing their own futuristic transport. The students also were brilliant in their swimming lessons and not only did they progress a lot and they had a lot of fun.


Continue to Progress

This term has seen the students continue their progress at Greenbank.

Throughout the term the students have had their first taste of Art. We learnt about different Artists such as Picasso and Vincent Van Gough and how they use different types of lines to make their paintings.

In Maths the students have learnt about measuring capacity by reading scales on jugs. They have also begun to learn about subtraction.

The students also began their skills and enterprise project. This project helps the students to develop entrepreneurial skills to create a small business, design and create a product to sell and then market the product for the tenner challenge.

The boys also had the great experience of a snow day at Greenbank. The students really enjoyed socialising and playing. They built an excellent snowman and even had a snowball fight.


Christmas time

This term has seen the group continue to settle to life at Greenbank with the run up to Christmas. The students drew some pictures to honour Remembrance day.

In maths the students have begun to learn about time using an analogue clock.

In Learning outside the classroom they have been learning about the different creatures that live with us.

During the run up to Christmas, the students have had lots of fun getting the classroom ready by decorating the class tree, they also had an amazing time at their first winter fair. 




Transition to Greenbank School

Starting life at secondary school, has seen 3R completing activities focusing on getting to know each other. Whether this be during our weekly educational visit in the local community or sharing our likes and dislikes in our ASDAN lessons.

Did you know Miss Rosenburgh loves 'cake'!

However, Mel does not like 'Angel Delight'!



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