4R 2020 - 2021

Mrs Roscoe

Students were shown an image of a sculpture; that Mrs Roscoe had taken on a visit to the Maritime Museum in Liverpool. Students discussed their thoughts in relation to the image. They then went on to look at the structure of an online forum piece of writing.


Lily and Tom made chocolate cake in food technology.

They were kind enough to share it with their tutor group. It taste really good and was enjoyed by all!




The giant snails missed Reece over the holidays and left him a nice message. They were very happy to see him back and ready to learn!



In GCSE English; we are exploring the topic of survival. Students were shown an article about a computerised shark detector. They were asked to list the things that could wrong with the technology. 


4R: Calendar items

Macmillan Coffee Morning, by Mrs Langford

Macmillan Cake-Away, by Mrs Langford

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