4R 2018 - 2019

Mrs Roscoe

Lily has chosen Baking as her skill for Duke of Edinburgh and obviously 4R were happy to try some of her cake to help her out!



In Maths; students did a 'deal or no deal style activity' Students started with the number 500 and had to chose boxes to determine how the number would change e.g. +50. The student who got the closest to 0 was the winner. Students also created their own sums to hidden behind the numbers!



A new academic year, A new 4R, but the same high standards!

GCSE English is off to a flying start this year!

Students can been seen delivering their speeches FOR or AGAINST the building of a Futuristic shopping centre.



Friday is games day in Entry Level Maths! Students learn Math skills in a fun way and are social with their peers.

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