4R 2018 - 2019

Mrs Roscoe

Sunflower competition.

Our beloved sunflower 'Sunny D' has been measured and reaches a massive 6ft! But will it be enough to win? 



Whole School Trip To Trentham!

4R enjoyed all aspects of the gardens. We became big kids again on the play area, we got lost in the mysterious maze, ate delicious ice cream and generally enjoyed the beauty of our surroundings.


English GCSE....IN SPACE.

Students in the English GCSE group have been exploring/working with a script created by Mrs Roscoe; called Lexi Star. It follows the story of an exploration leader who travels to new worlds; breaking rules and making friends. Students wrote their own scripts based on the characters of the story and had fun acting it out! (building those creative writing/thinking skills)

Don't be like Miss Frangofroth; Episode 1; The Cupcake

Don't be like Miss Frangofroth; Episode Two; The Tree

During Christmas time; Miss Frangofroth was yet again up the same tricks! This time her poor class had to steal a Christmas tree! (A film made by 4R)

Don't be like Miss Frangofroth; Episode Three; The Egg

All good things must come to an end; Easter saw the end of the Miss Frangofroth films. The Egg was our most elaborate adventure yet. Miss Frangofroth's class had finally had enough when she decided to steal charity money! At last the students finally got rid of her and they could relax with their new teacher, Jonah. A happy ending for all....except Miss Frangofroth of course! (A film made by 4R)


It's been a fantastic start to the year for the students of 4R. They have built positive relationships which was demonstrated in their amazing 'Cupcake' film; shown in the Harvest festival. Be prepared for Episode 2; coming soon! Very proud of them.

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