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Welcome to the Sixth Form page!

As we do a lot of activities, events and also lessons in mixed groups, we thought a single page sharing our successes would be better.  Please have a look at our latest news.

Careers Fair - 15th January 2018

On Monday 15th January 2018, we hosted a Careers Fair in Sixth Form that was open to KS5 and KS4.

It is very important for the EHC Plan process that students are aware of and planning for their ‘next steps’. Accessing this fair and talking to the employers is a valuable activity that we want all our students to take part in.

Students where also able to use the iPads and college prospectuses to look at the college options and courses of interest with the support of 6th Form Staff.

The employers invited were chosen based on the interests of the students at school and also being aware of the local job market.


-L&R Roadlines – Construction

-Minerva Arts – Art based, Photography and Dance

-Altimex – Robotics and IT

-Weavervale Housing – Apprenticeships and Horticulture

-Asda Northwich – Retail


As you can see from the photos in the banner at the top of the page, the students and employers gained a lot from the experience and we hope to repeat this again in the near future.  Thank you to Louise at MPloy for helping in this activity.

Louise Cairns from MPloy Solutions

Abby and Kerry from ASDA Barons Quay

Steph Meskell-Brocken from Minerva Arts

Beth Boyd from Weaver Vale Housing Trust 

Davinder Lotay from Altimex and MJLighting

Lisa Shakeshaft from L&R Roadlines


Sixth Form Social Canteen

Lunch Time Arrangements in Sixth Form


We now have a designated area for 6th Form to eat and prepare lunches.  It is a small kitchen that has a kettle, toaster, toastie machine, oven and hob and a microwave.  I asked students whether they would like to use the kitchen facilities themselves at lunch times. 


Obviously there is a time restriction, so students won’t be able to make a roast dinner, but they would be able to make simple meals such as noodles, soup, toasties, sandwiches, salads, quick cook ready meals etc., but they would also need to include the time it takes to clear up after themselves fully otherwise the option to prepare their own food would be withdrawn.  School would not provide the food, so you would need to ensure it was brought in each day.  I would like to keep a focus on healthy eating though and not lots of fast food type items.


As mentioned above, students would be completing the tasks themselves, so only food they can prepare themselves should be sent in.  Students still have the option to have a school dinner and they are still continuing to cook their 2 course meal using the food tech room weekly; this is just an extra option.


Students have really enjoyed their first week as it is a smaller area and they have been playing cards and chatting amongst themselves.  Students have also requested that we use this area for the tuck shop, which we are looking into.  See the photos below.


College Link Courses

Below are some photos taken from the College Links Courses that we run in Sixth Form.  Allowing students to have tasters in the college environment allows students to make more informed choices about the most appropriate college and course for them.

Courses offered this year:


-Painting and Decorating

-Small Animal Care



-Preparation for Work

-Catering and Hospitality

-Digital Media and IT

-Art and Design

-Retail and IT

-Work-based Learning


-Hair and Beauty

-High Ropes


The colleges that we have established links with:

-Cheshire College - South and West

-Warrington and Vale Royal College

-Petty Pool College

-Coleg Cambria

-Reaseheath College

Please see the photos below of the students accessing these courses.


Coding in 5L

Today students had lots of fun learning how to code using a new piece of hardware to support the Computing curriculum.  The Code & Go Robot Mouse allowed students to physically code and see whether the mouse gets his cheese or if they need to rethink their code!

Coding is not just useful for Computing, but it is relevant in some everyday jobs that you probably wouldn't even think about, such as a microwave or washing machine.

Coding helps to develop other areas:

-Problem solving

-Self-correcting errors

-Critical thinking

-Analytical thinking

-Spatial awareness

-Communication skills

-Team work


Virtual Runner - Run Like a Time Lord!

On Thursday 1st March 2018, in -4oC Sixth Form students and staff completed the Run Like a Time Lord Challenge!  We battled through the wind, cold and snow to complete the 5km within 2 hours, although we did have a hot chocolate break half-way for about 45 minutes.  We have sent off the evidence and we will be receiving our medals through the post soon, which will be handed out in assembly.  

The medals were purchased using change from cooking and the tuck shop profits.  The race cost £12, of which at leaset 20% of that went to the National Autistic Society, meaning at least £62.40 was donated by Greenbank Sixth Form - Well Done!



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