Learning a musical instrument at Greenbank School


If your child is interested in trying a course of instrumental lessons at school, please visit www.musicforlife.org.uk/apply-now where you will find lots of information and be able to book a "taster" course online ready to start in September. Instrument lessons at Greenbank Residential School are provided by Music for Life - a not-for-profit music education service working in partnership with 130 schools to teach around 4,500 pupils every week across Cheshire, Wirral and North Staffordshire. To discover more about the work of Music for Life, please visit:

WEBSITE: musicforlife.org.uk
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/Musicforlife1234
TWITTER: twitter.com/MusicforLifeSCH
VIDEOS: musicforlife.org.uk/videos

Music for Life can accommodate almost any child who books a course before the summer because it designs a new timetable from scratch every year to do so. After that, additional places may be available during the year but they tend to be more limited. It is important to note that anyone wishing to try a course of lessons in September needs to book before the end of this term (certainly before August) to be sure of a place when school reopens.

The cost of lessons can be spread over 12 months if required to help make things much more affordable, typically around £25 per month or less for most instruments for beginners (piano around £37 per month) and payment can be made by almost any debit, credit or pre-paid card. Full details about costs are available on the Music for Life website and can be viewed and confirmed before booking.

Involvement in music offers young people something very special, not only introducing children to a confidence boosting, life enhancing interest, but also something which study after study has shown leads to improved achievement across the curriculum. 130 schools, together with thousands of parents, young people, professional musicians and music teachers would tell you they feel Music for Life offers something special, too! Music for Life exists to engage children long term in high quality music making and to nurture and develop an interest we know many will have for life.

We are proud to have had the opportunity to work with some amazing young people over the last 23 years and hope that your child may join us soon!

Do check things out at www.musicforlife.org.uk/apply-now.

Best wishes

Music for Life Team

PS. Don't forget to book a place before the summer holidays for lessons to start in September! If you don't have access to the internet or an email address, please phone us on 01978 761162.


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