Accreditation Pathways

Accredited Courses to Pupils and Students

The Ofsted Report in May 2013 confirmed that "Students’ achievement is outstanding and improving year on year."

Students make good academic progress from a very wide range of starting points. Many receive external accreditation for their achievements and most go on to complete Entry Level qualifications. A number of students are now accessing Level 1 and Level 2 accredited courses, and a small number of the most able students go on to achieve GCSE’s which they prepare for in the adjacent secondary school.

As students progress into Key Stage 5 the focus becomes more vocational, with students accessing functional skills pathways, and developing their independent living skills. Students follow a more individualised pathway, which may also include college link course opportunities, work experience and travel training.

"The sixth form students’ achievement is outstanding. They are offered a broad range of accreditation opportunities so that each student can leave the school with awards which reflect their individual ability and interests. Students spend time at local colleges where they are able to sample subjects such as hair and beauty, construction, horticulture and animal welfare." Ofsted Report 2013

Our aim is to provide every pupil and student with opportunities to make the best possible progress in all areas. We work hard to ensure that what is taught and learned is relevant and matches priority needs.

If we find that a pupil is able to study independently and consistently at a level comparable with his or her mainstream peer group then we would endeavour to link the pupil to a mainstream secondary school where he/she would benefit from appropriate resources, pace of work and peer group.

This consideration may involve the Local Authority Assessment and Monitoring Team. Pupils may go on to study GCSE’s. Details of external accredited course work and exams are available on request from the school.

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