Assessment & Target Setting

Greenbank School has a responsibility to report back to parents, carers and agencies on the progress their child is making. This reporting can take a number of forms including telephone calls, letters, home school communication books, Annual Reviews (Education Health Care Plans- EHCP’s) and a school report.

September 2014, introduced a New Code of Practice.

At Greenbank School a report is issued in advance of a Statutory Annual Review.

Assessment for every student is completed using B2. The B2 Connecting Steps software offers many unique benefits that are crucial for allowing children to reach their potential. The information recorded can is used to track progress from pupils working at very low P levels to those working on the upper National Curriculum. Results can be displayed in reports and graphs, showing progression toward achieving skills. Reports are automatically updated, and tracks progress across any time period.

Another important feature of B2 software is the GAP Analysis Module, which enables hosted users to compare data across multiple student cohorts and whole year groups. School is aiming to use this module to assist in the creation of reports essential for Governors and Senior Management.

Subjects currently assessed by teachers:

Art/Design       Computing      DT       English            e-safety                       French

Geography      History             Maths.                         PE                               PSHCEE/Cit. 


Report writing is an opportunity to report on progress against targets set at the start of each Key Stage. All data is currently uploaded to B2 throughout the year. Greenbank uses the historic progress students make together with government data and teachers professional judgements to set ‘Realistic’ targets for all students. In addition ‘Aspirational’ targets are set, which take into account schools ambition to stretch students still further, but maintain an aspiration to also develop social and emotional aspects of learning.

Targets are confirmed and reviewed at the end of each term. Where appropriate targets are amended to reflect the progress a student has made (this includes raising further a target set the previous year or term).

All pupils have an individual tracker sheet. At the end of each year the results, together with a contextualised statement judges the progress made and next steps.

A tutor may employ a range of other intervention strategies including personalisation of the curriculum through the Pupil Premium or alternate provision to give students the best opportunity to make rapid and sustained progress towards their target.

Ofsted Report 2017 -

'At the previous Ofsted Inspection, inspectors identified a need to improve pupils' progress even further by precisely identifying what individual pupils need to learn in each lesson and sharing this with them.  You have developed a comprehnsive system to assess how well pupils are progressing.  Leaders use this information regularly to check that needs are being met and next steps in learning are being precisely planned.  Teachers are confident to use assessment on a day-to-day basis.  Their ongoing assessment in lessons allows them to adapt to individual pupils' learning needs quickly.  This results in pupils recieving immendiate feedback to support their understanding, confidence and skill development.  Mistakes are positively picked up, 'unpacked' and used to good effort to further pupils' understanding.  As pupils typically say 'mistakes are good, we all make them, and they help us learn'.'

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