Numeracy lessons at Greenbank aim to help students appreciate the relevance of mathematics in the real world. Lessons are differentiated across each Key Stage, in order to support and meet the individual needs of the students. Pupil premium has supported the introduction of Numicon, which is a multi-sensory approach to teaching maths and is designed to help students understand connections between numbers. This is now being used to support students who benefit from a more practical approach to numeracy concepts.

Where it is deemed appropriate, a minority of students are able to access GCSE Mathematics course at the neighbouring high school. Arrangements are made for students to attend Mathematics lessons with support, alongside their teaching groups.

In Key stages 4 and 5 students are encouraged to apply the skills they have developed in Key Stage 3 in order to gain OCR accreditation, with the introduction this year of the Entry Level qualification. Students in Key Stage 5 also follow Functional Skills Mathematics qualifications that equip students with the practical skills needed to live, learn and work successfully.

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