Speech and Language Therapy

Speech & Language Therapy is an essential part of the support for the students at Greenbank School. The 2 therapists and 1 therapy assistant based at Greenbank are employed by the local NHS Trust.

The therapists work closely with the teachers, teaching assistants and residential staff. They carry out ongoing monitoring and assessment of the students’ communication skills and needs during a variety of school activities (and if necessary by carrying out individual formal assessments).

The therapists give advice on appropriate communication strategies which can be incorporated into daily activities, produce resources and also carry out individual or group therapy. They may also do some shared classroom work with the teachers.

‘Total communication’ is advocated. This means a willingness to use all available methods in order to aid understanding and expression, including pictures, gestures and signs in addition to spoken and written language, as appropriate for each student. Visual communication as a support is vital for students on the autistic spectrum.

For many of our students social communication difficulties are the main concern. The speech and language therapists offer individualised support to help students with difficulties they may be having with relationships, conversation skills or with understanding and managing their emotions.

In addition to the work in school, the therapists work with parents on issues which may be more of a concern at home.

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