Important Information for the end of term activities

A few students have been asking questions about the various events we have coming up in Sixth Form.  I thought it would be a good idea to put them on the website with my responses, so then everyone has the same information.  Please feel free to contact myself or form teachers if you need any more information.  Many thanks, Daniele Langford.

Thursday 12th July

Pizza Party

Students will have 3 hours together to watch a film, play chess or cards or just chat with their friends while having pizza and soft drinks from 3 – 6pm.

Presentation Evening

Parents, carers and invited guests will arrive at school with the aim of being seated by 6pm when the students join them in the hall.  Light refreshments are available for all to enjoy.  The evening usually lasts about 2 hours.  Students then leave with their parents / carers.  Students are required to wear school uniform for this event.

Tuesday 17th July


What time do we get there?

Prom starts at 6.30pm at Hartford Golf Club.  Students who are going in the limo need to be dropped off at School before 6pm to get the limo.  There will be 2 trips.  Family members are welcome to take photos of their children and to ask school staff to take photos for them also.  We will be taking photos throughout the evening.

Do we need to bring money to the prom?

 Usually, students like to bring their wallet or purse with a small amount of money in it for drinks (£5) and we always give the students £5 from the leftover profit from the Business Enterprise account.

Can we have an alcoholic drink?

No, staff and students are prohibited from drinking at the prom.

Do we have to bring food?

No, the cost of the hire of the Golf Club and catering has all been paid for from the Business Enterprise profit.

Can I take my phone?

As long as you are responsible for your own phone, I am happy for students to take responsibility for their own property and bring their phones.

Can I take photos?

As long as a few simple rules are followed.  Students have to ensure that they are only taking photos of people they have asked and photos are not to be posted on social media.

What time does it end?

Students need to be picked up by 9.30pm.  In previous years, parents / carers have arrived slightly earlier so they could see what the prom looked like and for a catch up with the staff.

Monday 23rd July

End of Term Trip Out

What can I wear?

Any leisure clothes that are appropriate for your activity.  At Splash Landings, staff will be wearing swim shorts and t-shirts over the swimwear.  Students can do the same if they feel more comfortable like this.

What time do we get back to School?

We aim to arrive back at Greenbank School by 7pm.  This is obviously dependent on traffic, so we may be slightly later.  If we were going to be significantly later, we would phone you to let you know using the emergency contact details you have provided on the form.  It will be from my mobile phone, so please answer a withheld number on that day just in case it is me phoning.

Do we need cash for the trip out?
Technically no, but usually students like to bring extra cash with them in case they see something that they really want to buy – usually a massive ice cream!  Student will be expected to look after their own money, so please ensure it is not a large amount.  Students will be given all their savings from the tuck shop and the dinner is also paid for by the Business Enterprise profits.

What are we having for dinner?

Students have already chosen what they want to eat from the pub (Splash Landings and Alton Towers) or chippy (Llandudno).

Do we need a packed lunch for Alton towers/Llandudno?
To make things easier, School would prefer to provide a packed lunch as I can just order 37 lunches.  If you do not want a packed lunch and are providing your child with a packed lunch, can you let the class staff know as soon as possible please.
Students will need a small back pack to carry their lunch in, no lunch boxes because they will have to carry them around all day – and sun cream please!

Can we take our phones?
As long as you are responsible for your own phone, I am happy for students to take responsibility for their own property and bring their phones.  Students have to ensure that they are only taking photos of people they have asked and photos are not to be posted on social media.

Can we buy alcohol at the restaurant?
No, staff are not permitted to drink and therefore neither are students!

Tuesday 24th July

Sixth Form BBQ

Do I need to pay for lunch?

No, students are being provided a BBQ lunch and do not need to bring in any lunch on that day.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

As a Mum myself, I would appreciate not having to get a uniform washed and ironed for one day, so students can wear suitable leisure clothes.  Leavers can bring in t-shirts / ties etc if they want to get them signed by staff and students.

Can we have a water fight on the last day?
Yes, but rules will apply.  You may bring water guns and you must bring a change of clothes for taxis.  Any students or staff not wishing to join in will be respected. 

I would like to say a big thank you to all the parents and carers, students and staff for another fantastic year.  Thank you to parents and carers for supporting your child and school; thank you to students for 100% effort and commitment to your education and showing others and yourselves respect and kindness; and thank you to staff, for giving up so much of your own free time to ensure our students have the best possible education. 

Thank you all so very, very much.

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