About Us

The Greenbank residential provision is for young people to access from year 9.

The Greenbank residential provision provides a structured and stimulating environment, where young people can enhance their education, independent and functional skills whilst being with their friends. All young people have the opportunity to study accredited qualifications.

The residential provision at Greenbank enhances educational learning opportunities taught during the school day. We provide a chance for young people to grow and mature in their life skills, to socialise with their friends and to make new friendships which will hopefully continue into home life. We have a dedicated team who try to make the young people as independent as possible so that when they reach adulthood they will be able to live in their local community with the minimum of assistance as independently as possible, if they wish to do so.

We offer an extended day or an overnight stay for young people. (For an extended day they can stay until after tea, to socialise and to access activities which are provided by the Residential staff). We take the young people into the community to integrate with other young people of their own age. We help support development of life skills - by using public transport, going out shopping and being taught household skills to assist with the transition in to adult life. We help with the transition from child to adult by helping them to acquire the skills required to build confidence. If required pictorial timetables are provided for use at home to support successful residential routines. Young people come straight from school and can spend the evening or sleep overnight with their peer group/friends. Parents/carers are expected to pay for all activities and meals. If the young people are accessing an extended day and are going home parents are expected to make arrangements to collect them.

We have a wide and varied range of activities, some within the establishment which includes a hydrotherapy pool, games room, gym, outdoor gym, walk/bike track, the Den (large social room) and large outdoor spaces for young people to access. Young people also have the opportunity to integrate into the community with activities including, wheelchair basketball, local youth clubs and celebrations e.g Birthdays with peer groups.

Greenbank has robust procedures in place to ensure we safeguard all of our young people. We take their welfare including physical, emotional and safety very seriously including e-safety. Risk assessments are in place and reviewed regularly. All staff are subject to a Disclosure and Barring Service check.

The Team

Our team consists of a Care Manager, Senior Childcare Associates, Childcare Associates, Key Workers for the young people, Support Workers and Night Attendants. We also have Kitchen, Maintenance, Laundry, and Cleaning Staff who assist us. The team are a dedicated professional group who regularly update their training and qualifications in order to meet the national minimum standards for residential schools.

Residential staff work closely with the parents/carers, social workers and other professionals to support and review the progress young people make. We set achievable targets with parents to enhance the young person’s independence. Key workers are in regular contact with the parents/carer to help and offer advice on any issues that the young people may have.

We have a vision that all young people with special educational needs across the borough can access the residential facility provided by Greenbank.


Greenbank School, Greenbank Ln, Hartford, Northwich CW8 1LD

Tel: 01606 288028 | Email: Contactus@greenbank.cheshire.sch.uk