Key Stage 4 Transition Week Beginning 26th June 2017

Lesson: Personal, Social and Emotional Education

Class: Sixth Form Year: 2016 - 2017

This week is the start of the Key Stage 4 transition offered by Sixth Form.  Not only do we support students moving on from Greenbank to their future placements, we also offer the same to students from Year 11.

This is an important stage for the students as the curriculum and environment is very different within Sixth Form.  While we uphold the ethos and values of the school, we develop and encourage independence in all aspects of their lives in preparation for adulthood.

Year 11 students were invited to choose lessons they would like to join Sixth Form for and we infilled students into those lessons such as Employability, Sport for Life, Lunch Cooking and College Links. 

This learning is a 2-way street, so staff and students are able to find out a bit more about each other before September.

Student comments so far have been "I can't wait to join Sixth Form", "Today was really fun" and "I'm a little bit nervous, will I have staff to talk to?"


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